By 2016 there will be over 1 billion Smart Phones in use with more and more streaming data and stored data such as movies and content turning Smart Phones into one of the most viewed devices in the world.

And when it comes to watching these devices, today most people lay their phone down flat or hand hold it, the predominant choice when watching media. There are stands for Smart Phones that are for the most part picture frame styled. These stand solutions typically are 2 legged with a vertical post to rest the phone on at a fixed single reclined angle. Some Smart Phone cases have a kick stand design, while others have a folding design (again all offering only a 1 angle viewing capability). None of them offer any kind of anti slip or traction capability or a well balanced design.

Patent Pending ViewerMate offers something no other product on the market can offer a stand hanger featuring Velcro fasteners with the ability to adjust to any viewing angle for any user’s enjoyment. It features a rubber edge designed for anti slip and gripping capability. More importantly, the Velcro design allows for the universal mounting of any Smartphone unlike any other product on the market today!

This NEW product offers new functionality not previously available to any user of any electronic device for watching video or operating multifunctional device applications including the ability to attach and store smartphone accessories such as  power cords, headsets, external hard drives, etc using optional universal Velcro Brand fastener strips.

It is the first secure stand with multi angle viewing capability and universal applications functionality.

It also promotes safe driving -Some States have laws prohibiting the use of hand held cell phones in moving vehicles while driving. For example; using Viewermate, you can hang a Smartphone directly from a vehicles sun visor in a safe and secure manner enhancing hands free driving and having the device in the users field of vision when looking at the road.