CES ViewerMate Press Release 1/5/2012

Quantum Marketing Group To Introduce ViewerMate at CES 2012 In Las Vegas Booth 6627 in the iLounge.

Made In The USA and Assembled By Goodwill Industries.

 Boca Raton, FL – (January 5, 2012) – More and more consumers will stream and store data such as movies and content on their smart phones, turning them into one of the most viewed devices in the world. At CES, Quantum Marketing Group will introduce ViewerMate, a patent-pending first-ever stand hanger with universal multi-angle viewing capabilities and universal applications functionality that adjusts to any viewing angle for any smart phone user.

“The idea started when I noticed how smart phone users watched these devices by laying their phone down flat or hand holding them, which is an unpopular choice when watching media,” stated Gary Hochman, Partner in Quantum Marketing Group, LLC. “We noticed stands for smart phones that are for the most part are picture frame styled or part of a case design offering a single or limited reclined angle.”

The patent-pending ViewerMate features VELCRO Brand Fasteners and offers something no other product on the market can in one design, a stand hanger with the ability to adjust to any viewing angle for any users’ enjoyment. But more importantly, the VELCRO Brand Fastener allows for universal mounting in any position for any smart phone vertically or horizontally making it unlike any other product on the market today. It also features a rubber edge designed for anti-slip and gripping capabilities. All ViewerMate products are made in the USA with 100 percent USA made materials and assembled by Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana supporting people with disabilities and the disadvantaged.

These unique products offer new functionality never previously available to any user of any electronic device for watching media or operating multifunctional device applications: carrying or storage of the accessories they use such as a case for power cords, headsets, external hard drives, etc…

For example, smart phone users have the ability to hang the ViewerMate from a vehicles sun visor in a safe and secure manner that enhances hands free driving while promoting safe driving practices and keeping the phone in their field of vision when looking at the road. There are unlimited uses for ViewerMate products such as mounting under a cabinet, on golf carts, on the back seats of vehicles, on gym equipment like treadmills, on boat consoles, on airplane seats, and anywhere there’s a flat surface or a surface to hang from.

About Quantum Marketing Group, LLC:
Quantum Marketing Group, LLC Is a marketing and licensing company focused on consumer and business vertical markets based in Boca Raton Beach Florida (561-210-7255). ViewerMate is the focus of the company for 2012. For more information visit www.viewermate.com.